[SOLVED] Order lag?

I’m a little bit baffled. I just ordered in the web store and I don’t the order show up in my frame.work account, but the money was sent out to frame.work (GiroPay).

Anybody else experienced this?

Cheers, Mark

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Have you tried emailing support@frame.work ??


Yeah, I’ve contacted them. But I’m still a bit baffled, because I didn’t even get a confirmation email. The knowledgebase doesn’t seem to cover this issue.

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Maybe tomorrow will bring, it’s past 9pm here in the UK

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Have you made sure to check any spam or junk email folders? It’s unlikely, but it could have been incorrectly caught. Otherwise you should hear from support in the next few days if there’s a problem.

Nope, orders are all automatically processed, nothing a person handles before shipping.

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Apparently something got caught up. The system has an order number for me, but it doesn’t show in the portal. Support says it’s (the system) is somehow unable to establish how I paid and this could take some hours.
I’m pretty sure this will work out. I looked in my GiraPay account and it clearly states this transaction including a transaction reference (which support has in the ticket).
I just feel bad about how long this may take :frowning:


If there is an order number and payment has been captured properly there should be no issues, it should ship out fine.

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Apparently payment has not been captured. Support told me that could take some more hours, but there’s an order number and GiroPay has a record and a reference for the transaction .


Ok, order confirmation has arrived :blush:

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Yay, thanks for the update!

I’m not familiar with GiroPay, but that was likely a “pre-authorization hold” as the US banking system calls it.

It’s not a credit card system. GiroPay works in conjunction with your bank and immediately transfers the money out from your account. It depends on the modalities, but a money transfer in the EU can be instant. But I assume even without such mechanism that GiroPay being run by the banks is 100% sure that this money will arrive on their account, that was kind of their differentiator that they can do an instant transfer online.

Since I was redirected to an empty cart from the payment processor, which seems fishy, I assume that the capture just didn’t work and somebody or some script had to reconcile the incoming payments with the incomplete orders.