[SOLVED] Pre-Order vs buy now / upgrade later

Hello! First time posting here and first time potential Framework customer. I had pre-ordered the new AMD variant with the new display for release in August. It got me thinking, however, that I could probably buy the current AMD with old display since its on sale and just upgrade the new display later, that way I can have a laptop now vs in a few months time and just pre-order the new display and camera and swap them out, giving me the old panel as a spare to keep around. Would cost about $100 more this way, but I’m ok with that knowing I can have a laptop much sooner.

My question is, does anyone know if there is anything else significantly different with the new pre-order model vs the current one that I would miss out on by doing this? I tried asking support, they replied, but didn’t really have much detail so thought I’d post the question to the community to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for any feedback!

Depending on which model you order, the battery size could be different. If it’s the Ryzen 5, the pre-order has a 61Whr battery vs 55 Whr on the one you can order right now. However, if you opt for the Ryzen 7 model, the battery size doesn’t change (61 Whr). Also, the pre-orders have the new webcam which will provide better clarity (though the framerate is only 30 vs 60 on the 1st gen one). The microphones are also slightly better on the second gen webcam. Honestly, if you can wait, I would opt for the pre-order.


Perfect, thank you so much! That is the kinda info I was looking for. I’ll just hang onto my batch 1 pre-order then. I appreciate your feedback.