SOLVED - Request for help troubleshooting POST Code 0x27 - "Get Boot Device Information"

Posting here to see if I can do anything to resolve this before reaching out to Support.

Fortunately the laptop seems to be working fine. I would like to determine the root cause for the POST code in case it is the initial stage of larger issues.

Laptop Specs:
Batch 1 DIY
AX210 No vPro
64GB Crucial (bought with the laptop)
SK Hynix P31 2TB
USB-C x4
3.07 BIOS
Pop!_OS 21.10

Steps taken:

  • Reinstall BIOS 3.07
  • Pull the RTC and disconnect the main battery, let it sit for a bit, then reinstall
  • Change NVME drive
  • Power on with no NVME drive

All suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!

Following up on this. Framework Support and Engineering continuing to exceed expectations.

I opened a ticket about this, and was requested to send a video of the boot sequence with the POST codes. Support (shout out to @TheTwistgibber) got back to me that the issue is related to an edge case: I have a BIOS password enabled, and if it is not entered in time the system will start outputting the POST codes. So that I don’t mis-state anything, here’s what I received: “…Thanks for the video! It was very helpful! After reviewing with our lead engineer, he saw a minor bug related to your BIOS password being set. We don’t send the message that the BIOS has exited to the OS to the EC, and after a 20 second timeout the EC will start blinking post codes. Since your password is waiting to bet entered, the BIOS has not exited, and the EC will start blinking out the post code. This is not an issue at all, but we will see if we can fix this in a future bios update.”

I was able to confirm this by disabling the BIOS password and staring from a shutdown state, then re-enabling it but entering it before the POST code sequence had completed, at which point the pulsing orange light returned.

While my machine was working fine, that I was getting a POST code was odd, and I’m appreciative that the Support and Engineering teams were able to get to the bottom of it.

Once again I have had a great experience when I encountered an issue. I can’t say enough good things - I really love the laptop and the community. Thanks @TheTwistgibber, thanks everyone at Framework, and thanks to this community. Everyone have a great rest of your day!