[SOLVED] To much power draw on seemingly any USB Device

I have a 11th gen Framework Laptop and at some point recently Windows (10) started sending me notifications about a unknown usb device drawing too much power. I tested around a bit with my expansion cards (no other usb devices were plugged in) and this issues comes up when any card is plugged in at any port. I have a usb c, usb a, displayport and hdmi card.

Edit: I also tried connecting a USB hub directly which also resulted in the same notification.

2nd Edit: Now the notification showed up with just the power cable connected :frowning:

HDMI and USB A are know to take power, try just with USBC for a while, there are lots of topics and posts on this, best do a search for more help and ideas.

Do a good search before you create another topic etc.

One for Linux

I’d get in contact with support if you haven’t already, I’m sure they’d be happy to help troubleshoot this (just know that responses may be a little slow since they are responding to a lot of questions about the new announcements right now)

After contacting the support and trying a lot of different things it seems like fully resetting the mainboard state fixed this issue (Link to the guide: Fully Resetting the Mainboard State - Framework Guides)

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