[SOLVED] USB device not recognized on left side ports

Hi everyone,

I use a dock setup at home with a Plugable 7-in-1 USB hub and I use the HDMI port, a Unifying receiver for my mouse and USB C port for power. I usually use the bottom left USB C port. I haven’t used it in a week so when I go to plug it in, the HDMI on the hub works but not the Unifying receiver. I tried it again with the top left USB C port with the same result. When I connected the hub to the bottom right side, the Unifying receiver works. Same for the top right side. I plugged in just the receiver in both ports on the left side with no luck. But, when I plug in a Seagate hard drive to the left side, it works with no problem.

This problem happens on Windows 10 and Zorin OS. I have an 11th gen i5 mainboard.

All help is much appreciated, thank you!

Sorry to hear about this. Based on what you’re describing, it “sounds like” it may not be getting enough power. Docks are the bane of my existence as they work amazing until they don’t.

Here is how I use my docks, and I have tested a few:

  • USB A and C only. Using good cables.
  • HDMI and DP only connect to expansion cards.

Might be worth trying to see if the Unifying receiver works on the hub by itself for testing. If it does, add one more thing, reboot, test. Repeat. If it fails when you’re connecting HDMI, then there’s the culprit. Not ideal, but docks are a weird beast on their best day.

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I somehow works now after I left it off for 24 hours thinking it was a problem with the mainboard. I saw a post about a similar issue where USB would only work when the dock was plugged in before boot. I tried that method and i worked with no issue for both left ports. I then unplugged it and re-plugged it while it was turned on and only my Microsoft USB receiver would work along with HDMI. I had to unplug and re-plug the Unifying receiver to get it to work, which wasn’t the case before.

Really weird issue that resolved by itself with no explanation unfortunately. I’ll be sure to follow your advise @Matt_Hartley if this were to happen again. Thank you!

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Well I’m delighted it self-resolved. :slight_smile: