Starfield Promotion - Code Release Period

Good to hear @Joe_Miller I was able to get mine activated last night

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As someone who does not play a lot of games, why Starfield?

Because I got the code free with my pre-order, lol.

I wasn’t really all that hyped for the game. It is made by the same people who made Skyrim, and I liked that game, but that’s certainly no guarantee that Starfield is any good. Hopefully it’s good but I really don’t have a ton of time to play games these days, so who knows when I’ll actually get around to playing it or if I’ll stick with it once I start.

I suppose people are excited for it because it’s made by the maker of several very popular RPG games and it’s supposed to have a very grand scale with a huge number of entire planets to explore and lots to do.

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The only game I spend time with is Flight Simulator, and a little bit with X-plane.

I guess Earth is big enough for me to explore.

Never did Skyrim, either.

A few years ago, my new phone came with something called Fortnite, it was deleted and never opened.

What a bad system AMD has. It let me put my key in, select the game, and some unknown error happens and poof like that the key is gone. Oh well. I guess AMD got my email address so win for them.

Contact AMD rewards support.


For the people that are concerned how well the game is going to run with the 7700s GPU, After playing the game on my 3-year old MSI that has ryzen 2’nd gen and a rx 5600m gpu. I am running Linux. Notebook only supports PRIME hybrid mode.

It runs fine and looks very decent on medium settings on the external 4K monitor. (even better if you follow Hardware Unboxed tuning guide)
I’m assuming that you’d easily be able to run it at high on the internal QHD monitor as long as you’re OK with it not running a locked 60 fps.

This is based on the assumption that the 7700s has roughly double the compute/raster than the 5600m.

The game really doesn’t NEED 60Hz though, I’m happily playing at 30-40fps.

Thanks - all figured out :slight_smile: