USB disconnecting when connecting my graphics tablet

I’m not sure if this is a Linux issue or a Framework issue, but I don’t have this problem on my other linux laptop, so I’ll start here.

When I connect my Gaomon S620 gaphics tablet, it works for a few seconds, then the USB-A port gets disconnected. Afterward, the port doesn’t detect anything (even dmesg outputs nothing), not even a USB key. I have to remove and insert back the USB-A expansion card to make it active again.

I’m using the Framework laptop DIY edition with Intel i5-1135G7 that I received last week on Fedora 35. I had the same issue when I try with a different kernel and with Ubuntu 21.04 (on a live usb). I don’t have this issue on my other laptop on either Ubuntu 21.04 and 21.10.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

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I have the exact same issue with a Huion H610 Pro V2.

Usually what happens is I’ll connect it to the bottom left port via USB A, it’ll work for a few seconds, then die (neither it nor any other USB devices work there until expansion card reinserted). I have never had any problems like this with the tablet on the right ports though…

Same problem here. I have a 11th gen i7 DIY, am on Win10, and just bought the s620 tablet. The port works for a few seconds after connecting the s620 and then it dies after. I usually restart the laptop as it’s less hassle than reconnecting the expansion card.
Has anyone found a solution to this yet ?

I have this issue with a Huion Kamvas Pro 16 which requires a USB-A connection (in addition to HDMI and wall outlet power).

On both Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 10, my graphics tablet will disconnect randomly after about 5-15 minutes of use. Unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in does not reconnect it. I need to unplug the USB-A expansion card from my framework laptop and plug it back in to continue using the tablet. I tried installing the official huion drivers on both operating systems but the problem remained. The issue did not occur on my desktop machine running Windows 10.

Fortunately, after reading this thread, I found that using a USB-C to USB-A adapter and connecting to a USB-C expansion card fixed the issue. While not ideal, the adapter is small and I am happy to be able to use my tablet without random disconnections and away from the desktop.

I assume any adapters would work but if it helps, I used these anker adapters