Stripes over screen

Out of nowhere, when I opened the laptop during the day there where colored/black stripes/bands over a part of the screen. Nothing special happened to the laptop in the mean time, no impacts or flexing.
The symptoms changed over time. The left side showed weird artifacts and now seems to have a horizontal black line every other line. The right side is now almost completely black except for some subtle dark blue lines.
The issue is also visible in the grub screen and a restart didn’t help so I’m pretty sure it’s a hardware issue.

Earlier artifacts on left side:

Horizontal black line every other line on left side:

Subtle blue lines in right side:

Ordered: Mar 9th, 2022
Received: May 3rd, 2022

I’m going to have a quick look at the cables following Display Replacement Guide - Framework Guides. Then I’ll probably contact support.

Update: I’ve carefully opened it up. Display connector and wire looked fine. Disconnected and connected it. But sadly the problem persists.

Update2: I’ve contacted support

OFF TOPIC: Nice to see another Fairphone user :slight_smile:

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Please contact Support.

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I have contacted support. I’ll report back when I know more.

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Support asked for some more pictures, which I’ll also share here for good measure.

Laptop from all sides:

Display connector:

Stripes also visible in BIOS:

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After reviewing my photo’s framework decided to send me a new display kit :tada:


Not quite as bad, but I got my 11th Gen Framework last Monday. Spent a couple of days setting up and on the Wednesday morning - the first day I properly used it for work - I realised it had a one pixel height horizontal line running the width of the display, and a small blue line on the right hand side. I also tried reseating the cable and removing the bezel. Support were great and after two days back and forth with some troubleshooting and some images they shipped out a replacement which I fitted today and works great. The only reason for the back and forth was because I’m not in the same timezone as the support team.

However, like you my laptop had no physical stresses. It was on my desk and the only physical movement was typing on the keyboard and opening the lid.

I cannot fault support - but I’m concerned as to the resiliance of the screen.