Suggestion: Write how to OOBE/bypassnro in the quick start guide

It’s so backward for an OS to have an internet connection and a Microsoft account to simply startup your own computer. Everyone should know how to bypass it: Disconnect your net connection, Shift+F10, type "OOBE/BYPASSNRO, hit enter, restart. Write it into user’s manual/quick start guide so every user knows how to do it.

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The guide suggests the use of Rufus or other tools that have options which allow you to bypass network requirements when making your Windows install USB. They also mention to select those options while making your USB.

To be fair, OP is talking about the quick start guide, which does not have such information. Users that buy pre-installed Windows might not see other guides. I won’t comment on whether I agree about including this information in the quick-start guide, but it’s definitely not there right now.

Users that buy preinstalled Windows will also have the drivers preinstalled. The instructions on using Rufus exist to work around the official Windows media not having the right WiFi drivers and users therefore being unable to progress through OOBE.

I do not believe Framework is making a statement about requiring a Microsoft account during OOBE, so there would be no reason to help users of prebuilt machines shipped with Windows to avoid it.

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