Terrible support, lost a customer

After receiving an email saying that Framework messed up and represented items on their site as in stock when they were out of stock. You would think they would offer something other than an apology. In my case it was 4 expansion slot pack, and I would have been completely happy if they would have offered a free expansion for my inconvenience. Instead they turned their problem into my problem and I had to deal with deleting the expansion packs from my order, or canceling my order. They cancelled my entire order over $39 and turned a positive story I would have told everyone about, to a negative story I will tell everyone about. Probably for the best seems like there are after purchase issues that I don’t need to deal with and given support Framework is not capable of dealing with.

After seeing all of your posts, I’d prefer not to have you as a customer if I were in their shoes…


You were exceedingly impatient. From what I could tell in that thread, you expected instant responses when support clearly states a 24-hr turnaround time. Plus you were rude. And on top of that, you created this thread to continue to complain after the other thread was locked.



You failed to even read framework’s email, you accused them of lying when they posted the text and pointed out that the information you said was missing was in fact there, then couldn’t even believe a screenshot, you expected instant responses, were rude, and you want an apology in the form of money / free items.

Yeah, framework definitely lucked out in losing you.


He literally said “we can agree to disagree” with a screenshot. Support came in with receipts and everything. Someone clearly forgot to be awesome here.

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Mistakes qnd problems happens. That s why support exist.
Also the answer from the support id timely , precise and kind as read in the pointed thread.
I jabe had much worse support from companies like google for my pixel 4a…

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I had a very similar thing happen with my order. Extreme lack of responsiveness initially until the higher level support person got involved after I left a :frowning: face on their survey. While they admitted their issues, there was no goodwill extended. I didn’t even get free shipping offered although I paid for expedited shipping. So I had to cancel my order. This guy however was rude and while had some decent points to consider, yes he’s going to flame out the world because he’s upset. And now he’s going to get flamed by everyone here. He should have handled it better, but having said that, even if he did, it wouldn’t change Framework’s problems and lack us customer support. Lots of companies have bad support but we have no choice but to live it with. I’m a firm believer that Framework should be handling the inventory themselves not hiring 3rd parties to do it.

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If they had the resources to do it all themselves I’m sure they would. With a small company, limited resources, and new products you are going to have some issues. If you aren’t willing to deal with growing pains, then you are well within your rights to take your business elsewhere. But to specifically come to the community forums and try to pick a fight / Karen your way into free stuff is absurd.