The League of Batch 6

Well as a breakdown, I was charged by MyUs of 80 dollars in GST which was alright but after I submitted the correct invoice I got charged a extra 150 dollars and then 80 dollars as it was over 1000 dollars. Idiots. I’m going to try to get compensation for that extra 250. They apparently “guessed” the value when there was a bloody invoice in the box. They said the laptop without parts was worth 450USD.

@oliver It was in the email “Your order is shipping soon”. I didn’t need to request it, it was an automatic email.

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I found my slip from when I got my laptop, and looking over it carefully, I don’t see any prices listed on it. It appears to just be a list of what items are in the box with no prices listed. That being said, them guessing the price without asking for the receipt Framework emailed is pretty silly of them.

I only found a packing list in the package, and according to Framework, they don’t include a printed invoice in the package. MyUS offers the option to upload an invoice (I used the shipping notice which had all the individual prices on it) beforehand, so they can already prepare the proforma invoice for customs while the package is on its way to them.

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Ordered: 12/17
Payment: 12/19

Been checking this thread a little over a day now.
Big hype

As an Oregonian not far from the airport, I hope to share @Kevin_Park 's luck.

Framework Laptop DIY Edition

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-1185G7
  • WiFi: Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 vPro®
  • Memory: 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4-3200
  • Storage: 2TB - WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™

Ordered: 16 Dec at 16:18
Payment: 17 Dec at 00:27 (12:27 AM)
Shipping notice: 17 Dec at 17:15
Arrival: 20 Dec at 9:28 AM.

I had a few problems with getting a USB-SD card reader.
I had to use an old Western Digital “My Password” USB3 drive for raspberry Pi - (314 GB).
DIY laptop

Installing Ubuntu 21.10

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I ordered the DIY edition with the Core i7 1165G7, WiFi, and BYO RAM and storage on 25 Nov. It shipped on 7 Dec and arrived on 13 Dec. I added a 16-GB DIMM and a 1TB SK Hynix Gold P31 SSD (reviews said it’s a bit more power-efficient than most).

It dual-boots Gentoo Linux and Win11, and it screams right along with both of them. It boots into Windows faster than the Dell Precision 7750 I have in the office.

It’s here! Going to make myself wait for Christmas to assemble it, everything looks to be in good condition. No damage to the box apart from a bodgy tape job!


I’m late to the party here because my Batch 6 DIY Edition, which arrived almost two weeks ago was wrapped up as a Christmas present until last night. Assembly went well this morning as did the install of Ubuntu 21.10. Then I proceeded to update the BIOS to 3.07 and set the max battery charge to 80%. So far, everything seems to be working out of the box. I haven’t tried setting up the fingerprint reader yet. The display defaulted to 200%. I enabled fractional scaling and set it to 150%.

App installs are going well, so far. This is my first “real” experience with Ubuntu after playing with it on a Raspberry Pi for awhile.


@Dave_Olson, were you able to get the secondary click to work via the touch-pad or the gestures with your laptop?

I installed Pop!_OS 21.10 on the 1 TB Expansion Card as a second OS to compare with my Ubuntu experience.

After the install, the hardware is working well. Regarding the touch pad the secondary click and the multi-finger gestures are working. I did not have to make any configuration changes.

Without any changes on my part, trackpad clicking, one and two finger tapping, and two finger scrolling just worked for Ubuntu 21.10. Two finger clicking doesn’t seem to work for a right click. That’s all that I’ve tried (and all that I normally use). I’m used to the way MacBook trackpads work and the Framework / Ubuntu feels normal to me. Also, the keyboard is better than I’m used to.

That is exactly what I am experiencing.

Recently I installed POP!_OS on my expansion card. This OS has more functionality (with the default install) regarding the touch pad.

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DIY Batch 6

Ordered: Dec 22
Confirmed: Dec 25
Shipping Soon Email: Dec 26
Shipped: Dec 27
Arrived: Dec 29

Keep doing what you’re doing Framework dudes and dudettes. Loving this laptop.

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Just set up my DIY Batch Six!
Ordered: Dec 25th
Confirmed: Dec 25th
Shipping Soon: Dec 26
Shipped: Dec 28th
Arrived: Dec 30th

Very surprised with how fast I received my Framework. I am overjoyed with it thus far. I highly recommend the DIY version. It was a blast to set up with my girlfriend watching.

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@Moonsand , your experience shows that Framework is moving towards an in stock situation. Mine was delivered with an 84 day count from order day. (This was expected.)

Kudos to the team for this progress.

Five days from order to delivered is better than I got from Lenovo for my last two laptops.


@Patrick_Corey - I just discovered that a single-finger click at the right half of the bottom edge of the track pad = a right click. You learn something new every day.

Ordered Dec 28th arrived the 31st.
So far, just installing my OS, but its really lovely and feels better than I expected.

I feel like a Mac nerd with a PC brand that I actually like and happy to see the Framework splash screen.

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@Dave_Olson - thank you for sharing this detail. I did not realize that the bottom of the touchpad has click functionality on each side.

Received my laptop last December 30 since I used a shipping forwarder. Only 1 minor issue is I’ve gotten the same problem from this post, I’m not sure if it might be the forwarder’s fault or the laptop was faulty in the first place. It’s not really a big deal since I can still tap to click which I much prefer and I mostly use a wireless mouse. Other than that, hoping for it to be my first and only laptop for life :slight_smile:

  • Intel Core i5
  • AX210 non vPro
  • 64GB
  • 2TB SN850