Third update on Framework Laptop 16 shipment timing - Clickbait?

I enjoy reading about the development process and what is currently being worked on. I am waiting patiently to get my DIY 16. I certainly do not want the design, developer, and production teams to be rushed. Please take you time and wait to be happy about what you will ship. Good things come to those who wait.

However did anyone else feel mislead by the title of the latest email sent today, like I did? The email did not contain any details in regards to shipment timing. Frame Work must know we’re waiting to find out when we will get our hands on their product. Please don’t tease me with clickbait titles.


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Didn’t feel misled here. Have a good day.


I tongue-in-cheek accused of them teasing me with the last email by putting the word “timing” in the title and offering very little in the way of clues about actual timing, but in reality I did and do fully understand that they really are as transparent specific as they can get. It is a dangerous game promising things to people on the internet, let alone actual customers who have given you money, and even hinting at a guess of a possible tentative date is as good as a signed contract as far as the eager public is concerned.

This past email was actually rather informative, and I feel pretty good about saying that we’re not getting these until January. And that’s a promise!


I don’t think they gain anything by you opening the email vs. just deleting it, so I don’t know if the idea of “clickbait” quite applies, but I guess “misleading” might apply.

I didn’t feel misled though. Maybe it’s just a matter of expectations, but the last two emails detailed the challenges and where they stood on each one, and so did this one. I thought it was a good update.

We expect to be able to communicate a more detailed shipping schedule for Batch 1 in the next email update.

Once we resolve the final issues below, we’ll be able to then proceed into Batch 1 production and shipments.

Both of those lines seem like at least partial updates on the shipping schedule. They also went on to provide details and updates on specific issues, which ones are resolved, where they are on the ones that aren’t resolved, how long they expect them to be a problem and whether or not they expect each issue to delay shipping. They talked about next steps in terms of getting review units out, etc. It didn’t have specific dates, but I doubt that will happen until they are ready to ship. I don’t imagine they want to give people a specific date when there’s still a chance it could get pushed back due to one of the issues they detailed. For now, I suppose these progress updates are the best we can hope for.


The third update had some good content but the email subject / title would have gone over better if they had omitted “Timing” from the end. The title hints at information that does not actually exist in the content (e.g. shipment target dates for end user batch 1).


This forum post was click bait and I fell for it

The email was the same as the other two updates (with basically the same subject line): a list of new, open, and resolved issues, and how or if they impact the shipping timeline. Since it was the third update about this topic, I think the subject was quite clear


Correct me if I’m wrong and I have no problem with that on a forum like this one, but after reading it I somehow put together a wild hope in my mind that we could get something in late January??? :wink: Too early, right?

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For the update messages being a series of mails leading to the topic meantioned in its title, it would have rather been strange to edit its title at all. People arguing about that, fail to see the bigger picture. Unless all issues mentioned, except for those classified as not being “ship blockers”, have been solved, there’s just no way for them to be able to announce a realistic shipment schedule.

It would have been rather misleading, if they had announced a specific schedule, just to push it back in the next update. That would’ve build up expectations just to crush them unnecessarily. Just imagine how disappointed you would’ve felt about that. So they better play it safe than sorry.

Just cut them some slack as we’re nearing the climax and are looking forward to get an announcement worthy of the update series’ title in the next mail.


I felt it did give some indication of shipping dates - with the assembly of a preshipment to send to press agents, and the sorting out of some other niggles, the first batch probably will not ship before Christmas was my reading of it. If you have ordered the LED matrix panels it seems they are likely to delay shipment a little further.


looks like most of the issues are related to GPU and LED Matrix panel , i think it will be good to start shipping asap , and those who have ordered led matrix and gpus are might be less people and they can wait for their extra toys patch