Today I got this message from a driver update. Is this something to be worried about?

Most laptops come with the operating system installed, including a few programs that are either bloatware or related to the manufacturing company. That Original Equipment Manufacturer also puts specific drivers to be copied in during install for all the hardware it knows is in the device it made, and can supply its own versions for efficiency etc if it wants. There’s a special Windows license for this customization purpose called Windows 10 OEM, actually.

Framework has a different stance and no way of knowing what devices you’re going to put in the diy edition, so they don’t use customization. Instead, we have the Framework Driver Bundle. I don’t know if the driver bundle has a tweaked graphics driver or just the factory, but if you experience problems just reinstall the driver bundle and it should be back to how it was before.

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As an 11th Gen Batch 1 user, I am going to say that Framework’s driver bundle is just the version of drivers from the manufacturer that they tested with. I doubt they made any special customizations. They did recommend using the Intel Driver support assistant to install updated drivers for video and network cards, when the 11th gen was being produced.

You do not need to install the Intel Arc video driver though.


The customizations don’t apply for modern drivers, most of the time. Framework has used default drivers only. The warning will always be present, despite everything being ‘normal’.
Click ‘this article’ and you’ll understand.