Touchpad & Frame-Related Accident Damage

Hello! My Framework DIY Laptop was with me last week when I was involved in a highway accident, and the bottom frame was bent or touchpad damaged such that it is always left-clicking. By disabling the touchpad with a USB mouse, I was able to verify that everything else currently works.

I’m providing my original receipt to insurance, as it should be covered. My question is, given that the touchpad kit is not available yet, is my safest option a complete replacement? The touchpad may not be damaged itself, but I haven’t opened the computer to check since the crash because I know insurance would disapprove.

I’m pretty much fine, by the way. A little banged up. :slight_smile:



That’s the first concern, glad you’re OK.

Probably the best thing to do would be to get in touch with support. They have access to parts not yet available in the marketplace and would know what the best course of action is.

I can see a distinct downward bend on the bottom right side of the laptop and an uneven separation just to the right of the finger inset. I would think a bottom cover and a top cover replacement would be in order, but support would best advise.


  1. Would / Could the shock / bend also impact battery structural integrity in such a way that the effect is not visible immediately? Increased probability of the battery being a fire hazard?
  2. Could the shock / bend also impact the mainboard integrity?
  3. Could the shock / bend impact the heatpipe curvature such that cooling is less optimal (e.g. heatpipe flex affects the contact force with the CPU)?

Pleased that it’s only the laptop that’s damaged and that you are fine, personally I would open the laptop and see if there is visible internal damage look closely at the screw mounting points for all the components looking for cracks and even loose screws and take into consideration A_Fan comments, then contact support for advice.

Send it to Framework for repair they will check the items A_Fan has mentioned, they may say it is cheaper to replace.

All the best with your recovery