Touchpad Gesture Forward/Backward Navigation Not Working

I am using Windows 11. Forward navigation and backward navigation stopped working for no apparent reason at all. They were working fine and then they just decided to stop responding. The gestures I am using (three finger up/down) still work with other actions and these two actions don’t even work with other gestures (for example three left/right or four up/down).

Sounds like a Windows 11 issue, not a touchpad issue then. Maybe a recent Windows update broke forward/backward accidentally

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I sent a bug report through the feedback hub as soon as I found the issue. Nobody from Microsoft has even responded yet. How do I increase the likelihood that somebody will see it? What app/website do I have to yell on?

Please note:
I’m not saying “they haven’t fixed my problem, therefore they don’t care.”
I AM saying “they haven’t responded, so I don’t know if they even saw it.”