Touchpad wobble after some days of usage

After some touchpad issues in the first days (especially with not registered clicks under linux), everything is now working absolute flawlessly and I love my framework. Unfortunatley yesterday my touchpad started to make sounds when tapping and moving my finger. In the first days, the touchpad was noiseless. In the video you can hear the comparison (I’m putting my finger on the edge of the touchpad to surpress the movement, it sounded like that before). After opening it and inspecting the issue further I suspect the origin of the sound is the touchpad touching the marked silver plate. Does anybody else have this issue? Anything I can do? I am a bit nitpicky and if possible I would like to stop it from making that noise

It doesn’t sound anything like rubbing, its more like the touchpad sits too loose. Are you sure its still worth a try? I do not want to make myself problems I do not have so far :smiley:

If I recall correctly someone else just tightened up the screws a little.

The marked plate is the underside of the touch-pad itself.
I had a similar issue, but mine was more of a “click” sound than a rattle. Tightening the screws helped a little but I ended up solving it by placing a small piece of thin paper under the touch-pad bracket.

Unscrew the black plate on the left (see Photo) and bend it slightly so that it presses against the touchpad surface. Then screw it back on (see also touchpad repair instructions).