Half-sized (touch) screen module

I have seen other posts about replacing the numpad or the keyboard with a screen or an eInk module, but what about the half-sized modules? I know the most difficult part would be to find such thin and large screen, but this way we could have two screens (one at each side), and keep the keyboard centered. Not sure what would be the best option, if full color screens that can extend the main area as additional screens, or independent ones where to send data but can’t interact with it, or touch ones… I think Apple TouchBar failed because they just wanted to replace the keyboard function buttons with a half-baked solution, but additional screen state would be really useful, for example to place some panels or toolbars… :slight_smile:


We did some searching around on this earlier. Plausible displays include:

Note that we haven’t tested any of these. They are just ones where the dimensions are either right, or could be made right through customization by the manufacturer.


Thank you for the links, didn’t know there were so much options :smiley: The first ones looked small or los resolution to me, but last two ones would work as additional display, specially last one if It could be made tactile :smiley:

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The 3.4" LCD with touchscreen used here is actually a pretty good fit, if someone wants to take a on a project around it: T-Display S3 Long – LILYGO®


It’s pretty cool, thanks :slight_smile: Maybe too much thick, but being standalone with an ESP32 could be used also when laptop is switched off or for additional tasks, similar to Apple TouchBar that was responsible of T2 chip for authentication keys. Also it has it’s own wifi antenna and has OTG USB, so maybe could be used as a repeater or to connect to multiple wifi networks at the same time too?

Is the USB-C port sticking out in the back really no issue?

I’d rather have a numpad-sized version like the one shown in one of Linus’ Framework Laptop 16 videos, or even better a double-sized but narrower one you could use instead of the spacers beside the touchpad… :grin:

Either way, I think we’d need empty frames with connectors to make it fit in the FL16 input module system. It’d be really helpful, if you could offer those in the Marketplace…

The panel itself, I mean. The lilygo board is just a development board that uses the panel.

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Yeah, I just was thinking about a numpad-sized digitizer (“Wacom tablet”) module after reading Future modular configuration suggestion and seeing his mockup of a touchpad fitted into the numpad space.

It seems to be hard to source standalone digitizers, but touchscreens are easier. You don’t even need to use it for video, just having an app which traces your stroke on the screen but otherwise reported as a digitizer/mouse would make a module like this a handy thing to have if you needed to “write your signature” on a form etc.