Trackpad Driver Issue on Windows 10

I had no issues with the trackpad for a couple of months, but it suddenly stopped working recently. In device manager, I see one of the I2C HID Device has a yellow exclamation mark on it. I’ve tried the solution from the help center with no success (My touchpad isn't working). I also tried unplugging and re-plugging the physical trackpad cables with no success. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you.


I have the exact same issue and I haven’t found any solution to solve it. Touchpad and right arrow key not working.

There has been a big Windows Update recently, is it possible that it caused a driver incompatibility? Do you remember if you had an update before it started failing? How did you solve it?

I tried in Linux too and had the same issue. I will try reseting drivers from BIOS or something… I am kinda noob

Thank you