Trackpad: Sensitivity : Disable when mouse plugged in? (Win 11)

I’ve got an external mouse plugged in and keep bumping the trackpad with my left hand while using the mouse.

Is there a good way to quickly disable the trackpad, or better yet, set it to disable when a mouse is detected?

I’m running windows 11.

You may be able to disable the trackpad in device manager. For being able to disable it when a mouse is detected then you’ll probably need to use scripts to control it.

This is how I have mine set. It’s an option in windows Settings > Devices > TouchPad

Right under the trackpad on/off button

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Thanks! I missed that dropdown in Win11. Exactly what I needed.

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Where is the option? I’m also on Windows 11 and I only have a touchpad sensitivity option.


Windows event triggers with Scheduled Tasks.

Hi I’ve adjusted the title as I wanted to comment on th touchpad sensitivity without creating a new topic.

I’m using Win 11 I have set the touchpad sensitivity from medium to low and can still use it through a piece of paper :slight_smile: