Windows 11 won't let me turn off the touchpad (I'm using a mouse 90% of the time), options?

I’m used to laptops having a Function + trackpad key available to disable the trackpad when needed, but not the Framework.

Windows 11 only gives me “tap sensitivity” options for the touchpad with no other options to disable it, or to disable it when using a mouse, etc.


How is everyone else getting around this?

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Have you already installed the latest Framework Driver bundle? It would also be wise to update to the latest BIOS version if you haven’t done so yet. I’ve got Windows 11 on my Framework laptop and it gives me an On/Off toggle in the Touchpad settings.

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Yes, the Windows 11 bundle driver was the first thing I installed after windows was set up and the BIOS is at the latest release.

Would I be able to install just the touchpad driver or should I reinstall the bundle?

The Framework Driver bundle comes as a single executable file but it shouldn’t harm anything if you download a fresh copy and run it. This article has the download link for the drivers: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases

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Thank you!! I dont’ know why it didn’t “take” when I first installed the bundle, but a reinstall just now gives me the touchpad options and a load of other settings for gestures!! Awesome!!

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