Trackpad Uneven Travel/Required Force

Hello, I have a 13th gen Framework 13 and something that has been bothering me of that is that the travel on the trackpad is uneven and requires more effort to register a click higher on the pad. It has begun to cause discomfort while using the trackpad, and I have recently gone to using a wireless mouse. Has anyone found trying to “press” at the top requires a fair bit of effort?

The trackpad using a diving board mechanism hence, it will be easier to click near the bottom of the trackpad. On the other hand, it will get harder to click it as you move up and there is a section at the very top where it will not be possible to initiate a click.

That is quite unfortunate to hear, its very easy to move where my fingers rest upwards without thinking. So this causes me to put more effort in clicking which causes mild pain to form on the tip of my index finger.

It is a common trackpad mechanism outside of trackpads with physical click buttons. Few laptops use haptic trackpads which stimulate a click anywhere on the trackpad. An option is to enable tap to click.