Trouble with Steam Remote Play on Framework

I have a Framework 11th gen running in a 3D printed case, connected to a TV and ethernet via a USB dongle. It also has the WiFi/Bluetooth board installed but is not connected to WiFi. It’s running Windows 11 Pro. I have a custom desktop and a Dell laptop, both running Windows 11 Pro. All three computers have the same OS and same version of Steam installed. The desktop acts as the server running the games and the Framework and laptop can be the clients. The Dell laptop is able to run/stream games from the desktop without issue.

The Framework can see the other computers, but when attempting to play any game, I get the error: “The streaming client exited unexpectedly (2)”. I’ve searched Google for this error, and people recommended turning off “hardware decoding”. I’ve tried turning it on and off - same result. I’ve tried messing with the display resolutions, the speaker configuration, etc - nothing has made a difference - still the same error. I’ve launched the games from Big Picture or from the regular client - always the same result, a crash.

The logs have nothing of value on the Framework - they just show that it discovers the other computers on the network. The fact that the Framework can see the other computers and what games are available makes me think they can talk to each other. No errors appear in the logs. But I do get crash dumps on the Framework from Steam. But I think the dumps are sent off to Steam to analyze and can’t be analyzed by users.

I was previously running Ubuntu 22.04 on the Framework and Steam Remote Play would at least attempt to start the game, but the game was just a black screen - it also did not work. I had installed Steam Link via flatpack and the client through a deb package or the store.

Having said all of this, is anyone else able to use their Framework for Steam Remote Play? On the 11th gen? Not just in the past, but currently with the current version of Steam? Can you provide any tips or specifications on how you are running it?