Ubuntu 21.04 WiFi speed tweaks

This post is about improving WiFi speed once WiFi is working in Ubuntu 21.04

I’ve been running Ubuntu 21.04 for almost a week now and it runs pretty smoothly out of the box. I noticed that my speedtest.net results were not nearly as good as my old Macbook sitting on the same desk.

I found a few tweaks that are supposed to help with this.

  1. Disable power management for the WiFi adapter.
    (This one seemed to help for me)
$ iwconfig <adapter-logical-name-here> power off
  1. Update mtu
    (This one didn’t noticeably change anything)
    networking - Wi-Fi significantly slower on Ubuntu 20.04.1 than on Windows 10 - Ask Ubuntu

  2. I saw some people recommending to switch to 2.4GHz only. I’m not sure if this is a great option tbh.

My download speed is pretty on par now. However my upload speed is still severely lacking. My old macbook gets a solid 500Mbps up, but my framework on ubuntu seems to stutter as soon as it hits 200Mbps up and then slows to 100-200Mbps.

It seems like I’m leaving some performance on the table, looking to see if anyone else has any tweaks that may help?


I had to switch to 5G only. Wifi-6 disconnects every few minutes with kernel 5.12. With 5.14 it works great but then sleep is broken, so for now I’ve decided to prioritize working sleep/wake up over wifi speed (since 5Ghz is still plenty).

I have a very similar situation: speed on 2015 MacBookPro is about 5 times what I’m getting on Framework (ubuntu 21.04). I tried the power off setting you mentioned and saw a small improvement, but with comcast variability it is hard to say if it was real. The wifi I have is a mess network (Plume) and connection is at 5Ghz.
Need to fix this somehow!
Update: Just tried a test from my year old andriod phone it was a bit less thna 50% faster than the mac (same location, same network)

Im on 21.10 (had to use PSR thing to fix trackpad issues), and my 2.4GHZ signal gets bottlenecked at about 25% max DL. Tried 5ghz, and im getting about 85% of my desktops ethernet speed.

Doesn’t make sense to me, cause theres a few solid walls between me and the router, but hey, it works

Thanks for posting this! After the first tip I immediately went from about 10Mbps to about 120Mbps. You’re a hero