Ubuntu 22.04 / Linux Mint 21.1 slowdowns

I recently upgraded to Linux Mint 21.1 and overall it works pretty good. I’m having an issue where I after about a week of use (multiple sleep + hibernate) it just becomes incredible slow. Switching virtual desktops takes multiple seconds. Sometimes my keyboard won’t work for 10+ seconds.

A reboot usually fixes this, but occasionally when I reboot, the WiFi won’t show up. At that point I have to do a manual shutdown and let it sit for a few minutes before powering back on. I never had this issue with Linux Mint 20, so I’m curious if this is a regression that anyone else has seen?

It’s really a pain to have to reboot constantly instead of being able to know that when I wake up my laptop it’s going to perform as it should.

Have you started to debug this? Checked the system logs, kernel logs, etc?

Are there any specific programs you’re running when this issue occurs?

I wouldn’t even know where to start with that. I have the same apps running all the time:

  • Firefox
  • VS Code (1-5 windows)
  • Konsole
  • Slack
  • Telegram

I haven’t had those issues since I switched to 21.1. That was on LM20. This appears to be a different issue

Did you check if you are running out of memory (RAM) while this is happening?

No, I have 64GB of RAM, and it’s well within the bounds of that. I have noticed that if it swaps at all (lets say even 10MB, which happens sometimes after it wakes up from hibernation) then it becomes totally unusable. Even if I disable swap and renable it to clear it, it will still be embarrassingly slow

A reboot is definitely the recommended course of action when a system slows down ( I reboot mine every few days). But I am concern the wifi isn’t showing up occasionally on a reboot.

Next time the wifi isn’t showing, please check (Ubuntu specifically) Settings, Wi-Fi, see if any networks are showing up (in case the applet simply didn’t load).

Also when this happens to wireless, in the terminal:


Make sure nothing is blocked.


nmcli radio

To make sure the radio is still on.

I will try those commands next time, but the card doesn’t even show up in the network manager until I do a poweroff.

Understood. So we need to see if something is being blocked and if the radio is off, with those commands.

Additional steps available here, scroll down to " Wi-Fi applet is not visible, Settings>Wi-Fi is also empty" section.

That guide also has options for making sure the driver is loaded (during an event where it disappears)

By replying with the copy/pasted results for each command, I will be able to be of more help.