Ubuntu 24.04 on the Framework Laptop 13

Not necessary anymore. This is the behavior upstream now.

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Yeah I was curious about this comment too. I had the recommended TLP setup on my FW13-12th with Ubuntu 23.10, and it was fine. Since I upgraded to 24.04 now, I removed the TLP stuff and enabled default PPD again. I’ve had heard that PPD was getting some improvements in 24.04 and so far it does feel like I’m getting way better battery life, I haven’t tested it properly or anything, just noticing on regular use.

TLP is recommended for Intel users, however, for those Intel users, TuneD offers greater flex in profiling working configurations. I’m not ready to promote much on this yet, however, it has a lot going for it.

For now, TLP on Intel is perfectly good.

A question. I am on the AMD Ryzen 7040 Series currently running Ubuntu 22.04LTS.

I am prepping for installing 24.04 LTS on a fresh new larger SSD.

Do I just need to follow the guide here? Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Installation on the Framework Laptop 13 - Framework Guides

I shouldn’t need to worry about installing a custom kernel or re-updating the firmware again should I?

Tldr: no need to do anything.

BIOS firmware: it’s totally OS indipendent, so no need to do anything when you reinstall. amdgpu driver firmware: version shipped with 24.04 have the vp9 issue solved, so no need to upgrade it either.

Kernel: no custom kernel has been provided by framework, using default kernel 6.8 is fine. There are some patches from 6.9 and 6.10 that are related to AMD framework laptop but I’d advice you to use the default kernel (unless you are accustomed to building your own kernel).

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I’ve installed Ubuntu 24.04 on my FW 13 AMD and this is maybe the best out of box experience I’ve had with Linux outside of a Thinkpad though I do have three remaining issues.

  1. Did a couple test runs with sleep and have yet to wake the laptop up once. I’ve done three quick tests, the first had a frozen display at the login screen, second time it woke up but restarted itself after a couple of seconds, and a 3rd the display was black with the power button pulsing and had to hold the power button to force restart
    Edit: Did a mainline kernel install and this seems to be really solid. So maybe something funky with my Ubuntu install or its OEM kernel?
  2. The sensitivity when two finger scrolling is quite extreme. Are there any changes I can make? Edit: This was really only a problem in Firefox and the fix here worked
    Edit2: Scratch that still an issue in anything Chromium/Electron
  3. 6Ghz WiFi 6E seems to be having issues - I’ll keep testing this one.

Aside from that the usual issues I have had in the past with running Linux are not a problem anymore. Hardware acceleration is working with no issues, battery life seems to be on par if not better than Windows, no screen tearing.

I have been one of those people complaining about the display requiring fractional scaling and the reason for this install was to prepare for me getting a batch 1 high res display that I’m very excited for. The workaround I have settled on in the meantime to avoid fractional scaling is to have the display set at 1920x1200 16:10. So I lose a few pixels top and bottom but the display still remains sharp at 1x scaling with Wayland. I wish I had thought of this one sooner.

Lastly I just want to say Matt, you’re awesome! Thank you and everyone else at Framework for your efforts to make Linux run on the Framework laptops as smoothly as they do.



I have also been trying to figure out the right balance of display settings. 2x is clearly too much zoom, but 1x is too small, at least out of the box.

Here are some dconf settings I’m using to make things a little easier on my eyes at 1x, and slightly improve the touchpad experience:

monospace-font-name='Ubuntu Mono Medium 11 @wght=500'



I also use a default 110% zoom in Chrome.

My next goal is to get hibernate/hybrid sleep working.

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I ended up just switching the display to use 1920x1200 resolution at 1x. I lose some pixels at the top and bottom of the screen but I can use 1x without problems and everything still looks fairly sharp. If I could easily add a custom resolution I could probably use 1920x1280 for 3:2 and it would be fine. I’ve got the new display on pre-order so I’ll just wait for that.

My biggest problem right now is the trackpad. I have no idea how no one else has complained about the scroll sensitivity in 24.04 yet. I fixed it for Firefox but now its too slow when I have a mouse plugged in. Gnome needs to expose some more libinput controls but they are stubborn about it.

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