Unable to install OS via usb C to usb A adapter

Got my Framework DIY today got all put together and realized I didn’t order a usb A which is 100% my bad but I had a usb C hub with usb A ports so I tried to install Arch linux via the hub. It detects the usb drive through the boot manager but when I hit enter it goes dark then reopens the boot manager with no error or warnings. I also had a small adapter from usb c to usb a, same result.

I tried to do Pop! OS and that gave me a boot window then threw an error

error: /casper_popos_21.04_amd64_debug/vmlinuz.efi has invalid signature
error: You need to load the kernal first

Not sure if this will help, but try making sure that secure boot is turned off in the bios.

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I’ll give that a try here in a minute. I just tried to boot windows and got to the screen to “Select to install” and it couldn’t find a drive. I’m starting to think something went wrong with the SSD drive

Secure boot was the issue. Thanks @lbkNhubert