Unclear sender and signature not required for delivery?

Related to FedEx woes and bumps in the road

My Framework arrived today, which is a pleasant surprise! Will be spending this Sunday assembling it.

Two concerns though:

  • FedEx lists the sender as Tech Data Corporation, even though the shipping label does say Framework Computer Inc. I only knew it was a laptop from my app because of the weight and dimensions listed
  • no signature required! I was busy with meetings and forgot to keep an eye on it, and the delivery person didn’t ring the bell and just dropped it out of sight in front of our garage

Good thing we’re in a safe neighborhood, not directly visible from the street, and my partner happened to be taking out the garbage and brought it in. Otherwise this could have easily gotten lost. Big box with battery warning sign … Hmm

Requiring signature on delivery (even though FedEx has been known to ignore that) and making sure the company name shows up on trackers would be great improvements.

FedEx has been stepping into the grey area of this lately, in the sense that “any” signature would do. FedEx drivers would sign it, instead of asking the person who receives it, claiming it’s to reduce covid spread.

yeah… but normally the tracking would say “signature required” even though the driver never even bothered knocking. This time it doesn’t, while I have received packages that require signatures in recent months.

Tech Data Corporation is the distributor Framework is using to ship out laptops.

FedEx had stopped collecting signatures since the pandemic. My laptop did have the “signature required” designation but I didn’t need to sign for it in August 2021. I did have to sign for my replacement motherboard in Feb 2022.

Most likely not all drivers have gotten the memo to resume enforcing the signature requirement.

I did sign for a package in January 2022, looking at my logs, but yeah all my subsequent FedEx delivery are “signature not required” including this one.