FedEx left the package at the front door


Another bad experience with FedEx, but not about the delays this time.
The issue here is that the FedEx driver left the package in an area that was absolutely not secure:

The package here is between two doors, but there is no lock on the outside one, so anybody can get in and take whatever is there.

This is clearly not acceptable and I hope Framework will do something to address this issue.

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I notice that it says “Signature release on file.” When you file a signature release, you agree to FedEx leaving the package in a potentially unsafe location and that you release them and the shipper from responsibility for the risk of your package being stolen or lost after delivery.

If you want to make sure that your delivery person hands you your high-value signature-required package, do not submit a signature release form.

If you did not file a signature release, you should get in contact with your local FedEx office to let them know what happened.


I did not file a signature release.
I am not the only one who had a package left at the front door, so this is not a local issue.

Knowing that, Framework should clearly address this problem, at least by warning the customers when the products are shipped and provide some guidance on how to have them safely delivered.

Agree, FedEx has some issues with deliveries at times.

I have a problem with whom you expect the responsibility lies with, and the mentioned / proposed action plan.

Did you not get the shipping notification with tracking details? Looking at the screenshot, you have the tracking number…(assuming, before the the package arrived).


This is not really an issue with framework. I frequently ship packages for laptop and equipment repairs and I formerly worked for UPS. Even when I select adult signature required it doesn’t stop the carrier, ups, fedex, etc from stealing packages, leaving them at the door and squiggling a line for a signature, or just not making delivery attempts. A lot of times they have last mile agreements with each other. I’ve seen pickup requests for packages end up where they took a package that was meant to be delivered to someone’s house and took it as the package that I wanted to receive. This is how a master’s of the universe toy set was ‘returned’ to me from some random person instead of a laptop I needed back post replacement.

In part this is the drivers being lazy, but it’s also due to them being overworked and not wanting to deal with or having the time to deal with deliveries with signatures or that require handing off a package.

Your best option is to reroute the package to a pickup location, eg a post office for USPS or a UPS/Fedex pickup location. It helps prevent theft as well as neglect.

Framework can’t do much to change this as I work for a Fortune 500 and we have no more sway over them then the next person calling into customer support unless we get a VP or Senior Director to call the upper levels over specific packages. Doesn’t do anything to change the final deliveries for packages though.


Firstly FedEx of course, then Framework.

Yes, the package was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and I was at home waiting for it.
It wasn’t (no problem with that, delays can happen for various reasons), so today I went to the office, assuming that FedEx would do what any serious carrier usually does: either leaving the parcel in a location where I could go pick it up or schedule another delivery.

You’re missing the point here: the issue is not that Framework does not fully control the delivery process, it is that the company knows that this can happen and does not warn its customers.
I usually have everything delivered in a P.O box so I did not have this issue for a very long time.
One more reason to avoid sellers that do not ship to a P.O box in the future.

Then, on the Framework side, adding a warning and this solution in an email sent went the item is shipped would be a simple and good enough solution.

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What would they warn them about? I’m not too clear on what you mean here.

I received emails for my shipments which included tracking information, did you not receive them? You can also sign up on UPS, USPS, & FedEx for delivery notifications to your phone/email using the tracking number.

Again the onus is on UPS/FedEx/USPS, not framework. These kinds of issues only crop up occasionally, so a blanket warning of any kind is not really the shipper’s responsibility as much as it is the consumer’s responsibility to be informed as well as the package carrier’s responsibility to offer good service.

Keep in mind that should a shipment get stolen or fail to be delivered there is still a claims process for those circumstances through the carrier. As a consumer you could also provide a package drop location that is safe for delivery, or choose to live in a neighborhood with less porch pirates.

The P.O. box delivery, I can’t speak to, I’m sure there’s some reason, but that does sound like it would be a good ‘fix’ for your specific circumstances. Though keep in mind you do have those other alternatives that I mentioned such as having it routed to a pickup location which would be unequivocally the same.


How can it be legal for FedEx to do that?

It isn’t. At least in the UK, parcels are not considered delivered unless they are handed to a person who lives at the address, left on their property with no access to anyone else, i.e. posted through the letterbox or they can leave it in a “safe” place as long as this is agreed with the recipient.
Saying someone signed for something when they haven’t or they were handed a package when it was simply left at the door is fraud. If it gets stolen then they are a party to the theft. But, good luck getting anything done about it.
And, people can choose to live wherever they like and still expect their property to be delivered safely and professionally.


Hi @AlexRtz,

Just read through your post. I too, have experienced this (other companies shipping). I had my signature on file which explained why my package was being left on your porch.

Is this happening with other FedEx packages as well? If it is not, I will certainly pass this along to the appropriate team for them to look into.


I can see that this is happening with another FedEx package below too.

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Taking a look now. Thanks @junaruga

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The last time I remember having a parcel delivered by FedEx for sure was in 2014 :slight_smile:
I found a mention of an Amazon order handled by FedEx from last year but I can’t recall having enabled any option regarding the signature on file.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I don’t expect Framework to solve the carriers’ problems, but just maybe to warn the customers to prevent bad surprises.

Now it’s time to assemble my new laptop!

From my end, it is going to be best to reach out to FedEx, confirm whether or not signature on file is on record. If it is, this is what happened.

I live in a small block of six flats, or apartments if you like, my front door is right next to the main buildings front door, this door is accessible to the public until 12 noon when it locks automatically, this is for the postman to be able to enter the building without needing to “buzz” someone to let them in.
A few months ago I had a package, from Framework, delivered by FedEx, it was left outside my front door, I didn’t know it had been left until I checked my email several hours later and it said it had been delivered, fortunately it was still there. I reviewed the camera footage to see that the driver entered the building, dumped the parcel on the ground, tapped lightly on the door and left, he was there for literally two seconds. He had no idea if I was at home, on holiday or in the hospital etc.
I phoned FedEx to complain, only to be told that the driver was entitled to use their discretion and leave packages in a “safe” place. As I previously stated, this is contrary to the law, I never made any arrangement with them as to this being acceptable.
Oddly, I received another package from Framework the next day, it was delivered by the same man as the previous day. This time I was waiting, I asked him why he had left an expensive package in the foyer, he said it was a safe place. I asked him how it was safe if he had just walked in off the street and there were other tenants and trades people coming and going all day.
FedEx must have contacted Framework after my complaint, because I received an email from them politely stating that I had received the package because they had proof of delivery. I explained that I had received the package, but more by chance than anything else. I asked to see the so called POD, as it could only have been the drivers word, unless they had said I had signed for it or handed it to me, which wasn’t true. They never did show me this POD.
I had recently contacted my local MP, a government official for the area I live in, to ask why couriers were able to treat people and their property with such contempt and if the courier tells lies about delivery of parcels could they enforce or tighten the regulations.
Of course, being politicians they were as useful as a chocolate teapot and it was clear from their emailed guff they hadn’t even understood what the concern was, stating if there were any issues with deliveries it was down to the merchant to rectify. Which is true in cases of wrongly delivered or non delivered items.
This has become a much wider issue since the start of covid, when couriers didn’t need to obtain a signature. Evri, or Hermes as they were, simply leave items on the back porch and never try to make contact, a picture of it on the step is their proof of delivery. It’s appalling behaviour, irrespective of how much they’re paid.

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Be glad you don’t live in certain areas of Jersey City, NJ. Porch Pirates literally follow the delivery service person and pick up packages moments after they have been left.

Some people have boxed up used cat litter and left it out for those “people”.

Jersey City was recently reported to be 2nd worst city in the US.

For people in those areas, it’s better to have stuff delivered to a drop point and go pick it up.

During the worst of Covid-19, Many delivery companies relaxed their signature policies.
Some still haven’t returned to normal.

Get a free account with them. When an important package is coming in, that usually allows you to redirect to a drop point.

The shipper can select no redirect in some cases. will do this for expensive items.

Best wishes to all of you receiving your new Framework computers, I certainly am pleased with my batch 1, 11th gen.

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So, basically, Framework knows that the carrier does not safely deliver the packages (nobody in their right mind would consider a photo of a package in front of a porch that looks like dozens of other porches a convincing proof of safe delivery), but they will side with their business partner that allows these kinds of practices.
This is highly unethical towards their customers.
I wish I had known that before ordering my laptop.

I live in an area that is considered safe but it still is an issue here.
I am “lucky” to be in a building of only 6 units, so we are probably not that interesting for thieves.
People living in bigger buildings close to where I live regularly report stolen packages.

Which will absolutely not solve the issue for the future customers that might not even know their signatures are on file.
It also completely fails to address the fact that packages are “safely delivered” in places that are not safe at all.

In Frameworks’ defense, they did state in their email to me that they were going to have words with FedEx as it was unacceptable to leave packages in that manner.
But, pretty much all delivery companies are the same. You “pays your money and takes your choice”.
A little while ago, I ordered several laptops from Lenovo in quick succession, all of them were delivered by the same UPS driver, and he did knock on the door and hand me each one. Which was nice.


In my experience living in the Czech Republic, the best delivery company is DHL. Their process for international shipping is amazing such as a systemized and effective custom office process, and of course, calling me up, and passing the parcel to me by hand.

+1 for DHL.
I live in Germany and their handling of parcels was always great in my experience.
Through their app you can easily set a drop off location around the house, name a specific neighbor to receive your package or redirect the parcel to a post office or a locker that you can access 24/7.

Now with FedEx I’m gonna try to take the day off and be at home when they deliver.