Unset boot disk in BIOS, cannot set again

Yikes. I have, I think, painted myself into a corner. I went into the BIOS, un-checked the on-board boot disk to see if that would make the system recognize the USB drive as a boot disk. It sounds stupid now that I say it like that.

So, now my laptop does not recognize any disk as a boot disk and therefore cannot boot. I can get into the BIOS and, when I look at the list of devices available, I can see the on-board disk and I cannot get the X mark back on it. Arrows, fn-F5 or 6, nothing does anything.

So, get a new laptop? :–)

I know it is not very clear, but see the “[ ]”? I just need an X there…

Check that “New Boot Priority” is not set to “Auto”.


Wow! Hidden modalities are so much fun. :–) Much thanx.