Upgrade from 11th to 13th gen MB - no touchpad driver

I replaced my gen 11 motherboard with the gen 13. I am running Windows 11 Pro, downloaded the 13th gen driver package and installed it.
The touchpad is listed in device manager as a Microsoft PS/2 mouse. Settings → Bluetooth & Devices → Touchpad will only let me set the touchpad sensitivity for taps.
I unpacked the 13th gen driver bundle. When I try to re-run the SetupSerialIO_30.100.2237.26_v2.exe by itself, it aborts with the error message “The setup program ended prematurely because of the following error: Fatal error during installation.”
Any idea how to reinstall the touchpad drivers?

FYI - I noticed several devices listed in Device Manager that don’t have any drivers. I am surprised the driver bundle for the 13th gen board missed these:





I reinstalled Windows. The Framework reinstallation documentation implies that the latest Windows 11 kit should have compatible WiFi drivers, but that was not the case for me (new 13th Gen main board, WiFi card from the original 11th Gen kit).

After working around the missing driver, I installed the 13th Gen driver bundle. This got rid of all those missing devices in Device Manager and the touchpad settings became available in the Settings app. Now my problem is trying to get touchpad clicks working. Taps work fine, but both left and right clicks fail to register. They did work with the 11th Gen main board.

The touchpad that came with the original 11th gen laptop had given me troubles early on when it came to registering clicks. I had worked with the Framework support team to get it working better, but it was never very good at handling clicks. I decided to purchase a replacement touchpad hoping that there had been some improvements over time. And sure enough, the replacement touchpad has resolved my problems.

As for the original issue, there does appear to be a problem installing the 13th gen drivers when upgrading from the 11th gen board. It seems the 13th gen installer won’t install the new touchpad driver and maybe some other drivers as well. The fact that the SetupSerialIO_30.100.2237.26_v2.exe program reported a fatal error is a good indication that the installer was not able to complete its task.