USB A Expansion card not working correctly on all ports

Hi there,
I have discovered a wierd issue with my framework. I tried to program my ESP32 using the framework USB A expansion Card. This only works on the left upper port and the right lower port. If I plug the expansion card in the other two parts and connect the ESP32 to it, the card stops working completly until I take it out and insert it back into the slot. The ESP32 only draws about 80mA of power, so this cant be the problem. Any ideas what might be wrong here?

Edit: I should add, that the expansion card works when connecting my phone on all ports.

The ESP32 module might violate the USB specs by having too many/too large capacitors on the board, triggering some overcurrent protection. I’ve seen a related post here with some similar problem. So the problem isn’t the constant draw of 80mA, the problem is the spike when plugging it in.

I dont think, that this is the problem. There are only 3 really tiny capacitors on the module. I also noticed, that the expansion card powers the ESP32, when the framework is powered down. When I boot it up, the expansion card stops working, if the ESP32 is connected to it and it is in one of the not correctly working ports. Could this be a windows issue?
If so, how would I fix it?

That doesn’t mean anything. The maximum capacitance according to the USB spec is only 10uF if I remember correctly, and that you typically already get with the input capacitor of a typical 1117 5V-to-3.3V power regulator chip commonly found on these ESP boards. 10uF capacitors for 5V are tiny, you can find them easily in 0603 and 0402 sizes.

Unlikely, but you could of course try Linux. Sounds more like a hardware issue to me, though.

But why would it work on 2 ports and not on the other 2?
That seems wierd to me