USB-C Hub disconnecting every 5 minutes

Hi everyone,


  • Framework Laptop 13 (intel i7)
  • Windows 11

I bought this docking station for my laptop: ‎(
The screens and the ports are working fine, but every 5-10 minutes I hear a disconnecting sound. To debug this I installed a tool called “eventghost” and it shows that parts of the dockingstation are disconnecting and instantly reconnecting again. I then tried a different laptop with windows 11 and their the disconnects aren’t happening.

I tried:

  • switching cables
  • disconnecting everything (even power) and reconnecting after some minutes
  • disabling the energy management for the hubs
  • tried without the usb-c extension card
  • tried all 4 usb-c connectors

Does anyone know anything I could try?
Did anyone have a similar / the same problem?

With kind regards,

Consider trying a different TB4 dock. Report back once you confirm this issue persists with another dock.

I now tried the DELL WD19S and I have no problems with that.

It’s unfortunate, but I’ve had this problem too with a different kind of laptop and a different kind of docking station. For me it was one by StarTech and the Laptop is an Asus Rog Flow. It just does the disconnect sound every few minutes and nothing else happens.

No solution really, just… that.