USB-C Modules with offset ports resulting in Macbook spacing for compatibility with the hundreds (thousands?) of Apple docks/hubs out there?

Because I’m terrible about “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” and plugging in things in ways that were never intended or tested, I’m going to be trying to use a few different Apple Macbook oriented docks with my Framework to see if they work. I’ll probably be doing some crazy extension cable loops to make it work, but it would be amazing if Framework or the community came up with USB-C modules that simulated the 4 port Macbook’s port spacings on the left and the right to open up a huge amount of accessories that can handle PD pass-through and video while still being very compact.

The other nice part of this is by swapping the module slots, we could also do an “avoidance” spacing, where it gives a port extra space from the next one, so things like the Nekteck full size SD reader ( don’t block the port next to it and you could have two of those chunky bois next to each other.


Interesting! Yes there are quite a few docks out there with twin USB-C Macbook connectors. Given that a lot of them have the same outputs and ports as the more universal single ones, I have to wonder whether they actually use both ports! That’s potentially a huge amount of data, it would be a shame seeing it go to waste.

When somebody mentioned wanting a wedge type dock, and somebody else mentioned a Kensington lock slot which currently isn’t present on the Framework, this immediately came to mind, and would probably work, other than a couple fun quirks which I might have a workaround for…

The thing they seem to neglect to tell you is that the USB-C plug beside the pin (that goes into the headphone jack) is a dummy, so the main difference between the above model and this one for the system that only has 2 USB-C/TB3 ports is that it only uses the headphone pin (and they don’t offer mini DP or HDMI, just dual HDMI…

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Just waiting for the Framework to do silly experiments with…

It would be neat & tidy. Look Ma, no cables!