USB microphone caused port to turn off

I had an issue today, and hopefully someone can help.

I have a Sansom Q2u USB microphone. It plugs in via USB A to Mini USB A connection. I plugged it into a USB-A card, and it turned on, then turned off, and then the port was unresponsive even when I unplugged the microphone and plugged in a USB mouse. The port stayed off until I restarted the system.

@frame_work , are there any solutions for this?



what bios do you have? We had a fix in 3.06 for some devices that have high inrush current on the upper right and lower left ports. If your device works in the other two ports ok, then try updating.


I am running bios version 3.06. The issue is still prevalent in the upper right and lower left ports. It seems that the lower right and upper left work fine, but will need to continue testing them.