USB4 Support on the new AMD motherboards

Can we confirm or deny USB4 support on the new AMD motherboards, or is it too early to say? I suppose it would also be too early to ask what KIND of USB4 support?

We can. USB 4 is present on the rear two ports. Otherwise the ports are USB 3.2? I don’t remember because of the USB naming scheme.

exactly what @Water261 said.

As for what kind of USB4? I have not seen anything confirmed other than USB4/DP, so they will at least be including displayport on the two upper ports, and the lower left slot.

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Too bad the usb 4 will be on the two upper ports. The upper ports seem more convenient for charging and I’d prefer my charger to take up one of the USB3 ports leaving the USB4 open for peripherals.

I wonder if location of the USB4 vs USB3 ports is a limitation imposed by AMD or a design choice from framework.

My bet is on design choice, because most people that care about USB4 will have docks (or eGPUs) that include charging. And you’d want the ports best positioned for that to have everything. Precisely what they did.

We know from AMD that their implementation can do USB4 40G, USB3 10G, PCIe and 2 DP.
Displayport-wise they can do HBR3+DSC, with 7000 series supporting UHBR10, but no information on whether this is supported both tunneled and directly or even if the FW will support this.
There should not be many HW barriers as UHBR10 was designed to be similar to USB4 20G signals on a HW level, Intel specs 13th gen to support UHBR10 and UHBR20 over those USB4 ports, but AMD had already promised UHBR10 support for 6000 “Rembrandt” and 7000 desktop series, but that never showed up.
So the features for a single port are at least on par with what Intel’s TB4 connectivity requires (no idea about IOMMU & security), although not quite on par with what 13th gen supports. Intel even added USB3 20G support there (although probably not tunneled).

What I have yet to find out is if AMDs USB4 implementation shares these 2 DP connections across 2 USB4 ports, like Intel does, or each USB4 port has their own. I have not even found this information for 6000 series that has been available for a while. Because I am assuming the 7000 series would not have less support than that but may even reuse the previous implementation.

Just got my hands on a AMD 6000 (Rembrandt ) CPU with USB4.

It supported only a single DP connection per port (though I did not have enough time to verify the log message “not enough DP Ports” and windows was not current enough to explicitly tell how many DP Ports it’s USB4- controllers each have.
But it is definitely using Windows’ integrated USB4 drivers. And each port has its own controller and PCIe root port.

So it would seem like AMD does not actually support the same capabilities as Intel requires for TB4.

Docks without MST-Hub (like TB4 hubs), like often used for Apple devices or used to get 2 Adaptive Sync displays working will only be able to use a single DP connection. Unless AMD did not change this with Phoenix and not advertise improvements, this should hold for the Ryzen FW13 as well…

Though the Lenovo, Dell and HP TB Docks are not designed to use the 2nd DP anyway, so at current USB4 speeds it is not a big disadvantage unless you want to run a specific setup relying on 2 separate DP connections.