Video editing with Framework 12th Gen

quite worthless comparison consider there is absolutely no data on thermals or actual power draw.

something the Core i7-1270P can’t on account of the lower base TDP. Therefore explains the poor performance.

That sentence is first riddle with grammar errors, and second is not true. 1270P is a even higher binned variant of the 1260p
You can tell the Thinkpad X1 Yoga G7’s thermal is absolute trash as the performance degrades very significantly as the cooler become heat-soaked and struggle to expel it
The i7 and i5 is effectively the same, except the i7 have more cache and better graphics.

It reads fine to me, like this:
…something the Core i7-1270P can’t [do] on account of the lower base TDP

“on account of” == “because of” == “due to”

That 1240p with a raised 50w PL1 is really fast…and stable thermal as well, according to the graph. If Lenovo raise the PL1 of the 1270P to 50w, then sure, the 1270P will be faster. However, with such a huge gap (1270p @ 28w, vs 1240p@50w…sustained)…there’s no competition really…even when the 1270p is the higher binned ‘processor’. The Yoga Slim 7i is the better tuned product though, overall, in terms of thermals and compute capability.

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It seems there’s a lot more to digest than I realised with these laptops compared to using the mac or even some other laptops.

When the 12th gen frameworks available for sale, can someone let me know how fast these can edit 4K video as that’s what I do for work as well as how fast it encodes videos in handbrake? As I want to invest in a good laptop and avoid getting ripped off by Apple’s ridiculous pricing for RAM,storage, SoC, ports etc.

It looks like Framework could potentially be that laptop for me because its light, has more ports than the macbook air and 13in Macbook Pro models, has a faster processor than my existing mac from 2017 (Kabylake).

I do wish finding info on this forum was much easier with more kinds of people using these machines, as I get the impression the forums were aimed at programmers and developers rather than video editors like me or even the average user.

If we want to push the laptop industry to finally stop soldering storage and RAM and make laptops upgradeable, then we’ll need to appeal to a wide range of potential users so the main laptop companies stop holding onto these practices and finally let us upgrade RAM and storage without paying ridiculous prices (like Apple).

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The forum is not aimed at anyone, it is now primarily a focus for those that ask for help and secondly to discuss their views of the laptop and Framework. The categories are indicative.

Before the 11Gen was available there were a lot of 'I want this’ type, now this has transfered to the 12Gen ‘Posts’

The problem you are having is seeing that video editing isn’t that common a feature here and no doubt far less too, on any OS compared to Apple’s

I am not a programmer or developer but a general user of computers so my demands are easily met by a much lower spec than I have.

You seem to be asking the unknown and can only be responded to by quoting specs etc.

Still once the 12Gen is out and about you may well find someone who does a lot of video editing.

Else just buy one and see what you can do and then maybe you can enlighten someone to the queries you have placed

All the best

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I think that’s it. I’m not used to a platform that doesn’t focus on how fast a laptop can edit 4k videos for a living like I usually do so you can forgive the confusion I have.

Anyways I’m the kind of guy who’s used to asking around for recommendations before buying a new laptop rather than buying first and then regretting it later.

But anyways I believe framework can work for me with a few adjustments mainly moving away from mac only apps to windows apps for my work plus buying the required RAM (32GB ram kit) and storage (1TB plus SSD).

I’m always open to learning about a platform especially if I’m moving away from mac to PC like I would from my old mac to the framework.

Anyways thanks to everyone here for answering my previous questions on my thread here.


Like I said. If you truly want performance laptops (designed for such workflows) go get a mobile workstation from another company. Dell or Hp or Asus.
I don’t trust/recommend lenovo because their machines’ build quality/quality have been on the drop, even if on the surface they seems alright. Both of my machines have terrible problems (random bluescreens, charger issues, etc) that other laptops does not have.

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I want to summarise my views re the framework laptop for video editing as a lot has been said in this thread.

First of all I want to thank you for your insight into what makes these laptops great and how I can deal with any issues that come up. I’ve learned more from this forum since I joined this community which is awesome.

Ok so here’s what I think about the different areas of the framework laptop:

  1. Performance
    I’m satisfied that this laptop will meet my needs as a 4K video editor most of the time due to the latest Intel processors using more modern technology and versions of Intel quick sync (used for accelerating hardware encoding/decoding, so things like Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, handbrake use it).

If I ever come across a situation where I need a better GPU, I can either upgrade the main board with a newer processor or use an external GPU as that’s also supported here.

  1. Cost
    I’m impressed with how affordable this laptop is as it’s far cheaper than any Mac and offers similar or better performance for the price than the M1/M2 models.

Eg if I buy the DIY kit with a core i7 12th gen processor, I can have 32GB RAM and 1TB storage for around £1400 total in the U.K. (when buying those 2 parts from local shops I know). :sunglasses:

Whereas in the Mac world, it could cost me over £2,400 for such a configuration in their MacBook Pro lineup. :exploding_head:

  1. Weight.
    This is much lighter than most macs so it’ll be much easier on my back at 1.3kgs compared to 1.83kgs with my current MacBook Pro 2017 laptop.

  2. Repairability and expansion.
    This laptop is perfect for me as it allows me to do 3 common repairs I’d so myself instead of paying apple so much for fixing a worn out battery plus I can expand RAM and storage later on.

There’s simply nothing like this laptop in the marketplace right now.

Would I buy this laptop and ditch my MacBook Pro 2017? Yeah 10/10 :sunglasses:


yes. Bang for buck is actually okay, especially with the DIY versions.

Personally I am willing to lug around a 4 pound 15 inch laptop that is just … a aircraft carrier. Not everyone is into those and I understand.
But, but. That’s the impression “old me” have with thin and lights ('s tendency to overheat). Framework (and my other laptop)'s thermal solution is actually quite good.

Yes. There is currently nothing that can be compared to Framework in this realm. Not beside Fairphone, that is.

Welcome aboard!
(and yes, I am going to get a framework too. Once I actually go and upgrade)