Voluntering to help with distribution/support in Europe

Dear framework,

As I and many others are waiting for framework to come to Europe , I was thinking of setting up some kind of network for the distribution/support of framework in Europe.
I’m no salesperson of any kind but I do think I (and others?? ) can be of some help , if it’s needed. I have no idea how you guys plan to sell the products from here (webshop only?) and realize the support on this continent so I’m very curious how such an project would take shape .

I’m a dutch guy living in France since 1,5 year. I speak fluent Dutch and English and my French is getting better by the day :wink:

Salut et bon courage!


Ever since I heard of this company, I have set my eyes on one of these laptops.
I am Italian/Brazilian guy living in Ireland and would love to get involved.