Warning about hydrogel film protector on Framework

It costs 60€ to ship 20€ screen protector to Armenia (@nrp screen protectors in the store when? :smiley:)

I’ve bought a huge no-name protective film in a random phone shop and cut it to size.
And as I started to glue it on, it turned out to be a hydrogel film. This might’ve cost me a display)

So, first of all — it is extremely stretchy.

Your normal methods of application — that is shifting it into position in the corner and then starting to unglue it from the sheet directly onto screen — they don’t work here!
Film will warp, and will generate humongous amounts of bubbles.

If you try to take if off then — be super careful. It grips screen like a gorilla, and it is extremely easy to damage your screen in the process.

Do not be hasty:
0. Get yourself a cup of tea. Relax. Take your time. It is easy to mess up further, if you already messed up once.

  1. Turn on your screen — so you can see discoloration from applying too much force
  2. And slooooooowly peel it off. Never pull it upwards for this — you need to apply force in a coplanar direction to the screen, or you will break it in the center.

Here are photos of the screen with and without the film (Took them in the middle of taking it off)

Pretty much no color or brightness change, about the same glossiness.

I got out of this with my screen intact, but did spent a lot of time. It’s safer to just avoid those things. Or use them on the laptop body as a cheap dbrand vynil replacement instead)

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