I bricked my laptop with a screen protector

Today I attempted to put a mate screen protector on my laptop which worked fine, but when I started the laptop up the screen went all glitched out and then died. After trying to turn the laptop on a few more times the screen will not come on and I have no fan spin just some blinking lights before it shuts off. I tried turning it on without the screen connected and with the battery and wall power but nothing works. Anyone know what is wrong or how I can fix it?

How did you apply the protector? If you did not take the bezel off it seems unrelated unless the material it is made out of damaged the display and somehow or other caused a short and killed the laptop. If you did take the bezel off you may have caused a short once again possibly due to the material of the screen protector that was conductive. If you took the whole laptop apart, once again could’ve damaged something in the motherboard or connectors.

If you get the lights again, here’s the guide to what they mean: My Framework Laptop is not powering on

I’m not sure the screen protector would be what bricks the laptop, even if it was conductive (which it shouldn’t be) there’s nothing on the screen’s surface which would care, since it’s not a touch screen. Did you open the laptop up when you stuck on the screen protector at all? I’m not sure how it could get any internal damage unless you spritzed the cleaning agent into the computer on accident.

This is definitely strange. As others are noting, if you could provide more detail on the step by step actions you took, that would help us on debugging.

I used a micro fiber cloth and a plastic spudger to get the air bubbles out. No liquids where used and the device functioned normally before I applied the screen protector. I also removed the bezel before applying the protector but I did not dissemble anything else until after it stopped working. I got the screen protector form Via Screens and it was a perfect fit. Perhaps to much force was used when I applied the screen protector and when trying to remove bubbles and this damaged the screen and killed the device?

What is the sequence of lights on the side of the laptop when you try to turn it on? Mine was working fine until one day I had to force it off by holding down the power button, after which it would not boot. I opened it up and swapped the ram (so ram stick 1 from slot A to slot B, and ram stick 2 from slot B to slot A, for example). I then closed it back up and it started successfully, after the initial RAM test, which takes a little bit of time. All I can think is that perhaps I didn’t have the RAM fully seated and it got jostled. Whatever the reason may have been, the machine has been working well other than that one hiccup, and I am enjoying it and the community.

Let us know what the light sequence is and we may be able to help some more. Best of luck!

And, I see that you posted them as I was posting this. Taking a look at it now…

Blink Description
White Start of diagnosis
1 Red/Green Battery connected check
2 Red/Green Power Good 3V5V supply
3 Red/Green Power Good VCCIN_AUX
4 Red/Green CPU deassert sleep S4
5 Red/Green Power boot core VR
6 Red/Green Touchpad detected
7 Red/Green Audio board Detected
8 Red/Green Thermal sensor detected
9 Red/Green Fan detected and spins up
10 Red/Green CPU reached S0 state
11 Red/Green DDR initialized OK
12 Red/Green Internal display initialized OK
Orange Start of post code section
Post code bit 0 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 1 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 2 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 3 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 4 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 5 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 6 Blue=1, Green=0
Post code bit 7 Blue=1, Green=0

the sequence I have is W g g g r g g g g g g g g O b g g g g g g

looks like the error is with the CPU deassert sleep S4 step.

I tried this it made no difference.

I’m sorry to hear that. If you have not already done so, I would contact the support team at Framework. They should be able to help you determine if there is something else that can be done or if you need to have the machine replaced. I’m sorry that you are having these problems. I’ve been amazed at the responsiveness of the company and their efforts to make things right. I look forward to seeing a follow-up post from you that you have your laptop up and running well. Hang in there, things will get better - I know that that’s not helpful now, but the company and the community here have been great at working through issues.

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UPDATE: Got my computer working again (reseating the RTC battery fixed it), but I am still waiting on a replacement display from framework to fix my broken screen.

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Others have reported similar issues so I would advise not putting any screen protector on your Frameworks laptop.

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Wow! That sucks, big time. Thanks for posting. Ugh. Sorry that happened to you.

There have indeed been numerous reports of issues, but AFAIK, they have to do with the pre-application adhesive dust remover, not with the protector itself. Personally, I found the Via protector’s dist remover way too strong, and so didn’t use it. The protector itself was no issue, went on smoothly, and works great.