Water Damage - repair shop recommendation?

@devryd - they 100% know about it - they have a seperate video about it :). They did mention they were having issues getting the schematics (I’m guessing that something in the NDA imperils their normal reporting or their MacBook repair business).

Ironically enough - this also shows why “schematics for repair shops only under a secret NDA” is not as workable as it sounds - high transaction costs (having to hire a lawyer to repair a laptop) and gag orders don’t work well in terms of getting repairs done.

@nrp has any repair shop successfully gotten the schematics + managed to do a repair of a main board ?

It’s also worth calling out that framework was unable to do repair of the main boards at all (and by default appears to violate nyc law by not returning replaced components) - which is very annoying - I currently think the framework laptop is less repairable than a MacBook mostly due to market size, which is definitely ironic. Hopefully someone will reverse engineer the board + this will get better.


From this video, it sounds like Louis has now requested the full schematics, received them, thinks they look good from first glance, and will be attempting the repair:

I stand with framework! I am happy with their schematic compromise.

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A Part 2 of the video is up using the schematics under NDA. Unfortunately, the water damage shorted the PCH and the board is a no-fix. Or at least not an economically viable fix.

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Damn, that is painful. Is the PCH onboard the CPU die?

Louis Rossmann signed the official NDA required that will allow him to get schematics from Framework. While this is certainly not ideal, it means that you will now have options to get your board fixed! Here’s to hoping that right to repair and industry pressure forces companies like Intel and Compal to stop restricting Framework’s abilities to publish schematics!

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Final update: they got the full schematics, but on inspection, the CPU got fried by the water damage, and there was sufficient damage on the board that a full replacement is more economical than a repair.

It’s a shame, because I’m sure we were all hoping to get the first live repair on a Framework board, but having the full schematics was nevertheless a huge boon to them. They can’t show it, but Chris mentions the Framework schematics are far more complete and useful than the leaked Apple schematics they use.