Webcam not working (Windows 10)

I am having some issues with my webcam specifically, the microphone works, but the webcam does not, I have tried restarting and using Linux as well (Fedora if that matters) and the little white light does not turn on in any case. I went through the windows support and it didn’t do anything, so I’m not sure what my next steps should be

thanks for any help

Hi and welcome to the forum.
Which laptop do you have, how long have you had it and has it been like this from the start?

I haven’t used my webcam in a real setting but have just tried now.
11th Gen laptop with Win 11 and Ubuntu 23.04

  • Operate manual switch, slide to the right so the red indicator is hidden.

  • Windows > App apps > Camera : White LED glows and I can see my ugly face. The movement is a little draggy.

  • Works fine with Ubuntu 23.04 and had done so with previous version.

Always worth contacting support especially if you still have a valid warranty.

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Sorry I didn’t specify, I have an 11th gen Intel, it has worked before a long time ago on Fedora just fine, so I kinda suspect it might be something hardware related

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