Weird 1px vertical line at the right border

Hi all,

This has been driving me nuts for a while, but I don’t recall exactly when it started.

From time to time (quite often, actually) I have a vertical 1px line running along the right border of my screen.

I think (and hope) that it’s not a hardware issue, but I have no idea of what it could be.

AMD GPU firmware? Driver? KDE?

I’m leaning towards KDE/Kwin because I can’t seem to reproduce when I set scaling back to 100%, whereas if I set it to 125% (my typical value) it comes back quite quickly (see photos)

I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same, and had any idea about what’s causing it.


Problem (125% scaling)

No problem (100% scaling)

P.S. I’m aware of 459373 – Maximized XWayland apps leave pixel gaps when using a fractional scaling factor, but apparently it should happen only with XWayland apps (at least according to the title of the bug, haven’t read the whole thing).

However I can also reproduce it with Dolphin, which I guess is purely Wayland now with QT6.

Turns out there might be one for pure Wayland:

Not sure it’s the same though since Nate can’t see it on a screenshot, I can.

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Yes I started getting this around 2 weeks ago with a 6.8 and 6.9 kernel and Plasma 6. It seems to be triggered by full screen compositing and running i.e Steam games etc seems to trigger it more quickly. Once it’s appeared it can’t be flushed. Stopping and Starting doesn’t fix it; and only a reboot seems to resolve it.

Have you updated to the 3.0.5 bios yet?

Yes, but I was having this with 3.03 as well

This totally adds up, I can also trigger it very often with full screen compositing, e.g. while streaming disney+/netflix and the likes on firefox full screen.

i’ve seen this happen both at the right and the bottom border in KDE. Haven’t had it happen in GNOME.

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KDE Wayland?
Fractional scaling?

both. it happened when using both 150% and 175% scaling. didn’t happen in external monitor with 100% scaling.

Ok, we have something in common…and something not :sweat_smile:

Refer to my comment here, I’m also on Wayland with fractional scaling, but 150/175 are fine for me.

See full list here of scaling tractors exhibing t

Had this issue since Plasma 6 launched.

It’s gotten better but still there with latest kernel and everything updated.

Mine is at the bottom of the screen, 150%, 160% is fine but at 165%, 170% or 175% it appears.