Omnipresent vertical green line

I got my Framework 16 yesterday. I love it, but I have one big issue.

I have this vertical green line on my screen no matter what I am doing. It’s there when I’m using my desktop normally – Arch btw; it’s there in the BIOS; and I tested a Fedora 40 live version and it was there too. I’m on the latest 3.03 BIOS and I have the dgpu module installed. Is this a defective panel? I’m thinking I should reach out to support but want to be sure I am not missing something.

Pictures of the line:

In Plasma: EDIT it doesn’t show up in a screenshot. Which tells me it is very likely something with the hardware

Happens in Fedora live as well, but I didn’t get a picture

Also, completely unrelated, I’m getting about -50db of electrical whine when the fans are silent. Is that normal?

Yes. You could (carefully) touch against the top or bottom rim of the display where the defect pixel row is. Maybe that helps. But you’ll probably want to get a display replacement.


Warranty claim was accepted after an easy to follow tour to investigate what exactly was broken. I’m please with FW support :slight_smile: