What accessories do you use?

So just as the topic says, what accessories are you all using with your FW? Trying to come up with my daily carry - I’m sure it will mostly be built on what I need to have but I’m curious to see what everyone else is using.

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I’m on an AMD FW13 here. I built it with 64G memory, 1TB NVMe, 4 USB-C expansion cards and charger, all stock from Framework.

Here are the external bits and bobs I use with it.

  • Uni Pro+ USB-C Hub: It just works for all that I need.
  • SteelSeries Arctis 7 Headeset: I don’t use the wireless bit. It works without charge connecting directly via the headset cable. Mic and drivers sound great.
  • Dell U2415 Monitor: I use this at home, connected via HDMI on the uni hub. It’s an old one, but it’s good enough.
  • Arzopa A1C 15.6" USB-C Portable Monitor: I use this when I really REALLY want two monitors on the go. The FW13 had some problems powering it directly via USB-C when the brightness was at 100%. Set the brightness to 85% and it’s bright enough. The case/stand is awful, get a dedicated iPad stand for a better experience. I don’t use it enough to recommend it…unless you want to act like you have a dedicated desk at the coworking space.
  • Vortex Race 3 Keyboard: This stays at home with the Dell monitor. It’s clicky. I like.
  • Logictech M240 Mouse: It’s portable, comfortable, doesn’t require a dongle, and is cheap.
  • Corne Wireless Keyboard: I haven’t gotten used to this yet. It works, but my typing is less than 33wpm if I am coding. Without a good desk pad, they walk all over the place as you type. Not worth the money unless you like projects, throwing money away, or you are cool with layered, ortholinear keyboards.

Firstly, my backpack. Big enough to take my laptop and other things wherever I need.
Cable organizers at home. Best thing you can purchase, especially when you have pets.
Mouse, it is better to test it and to feel comfortable with it then to take one that people recommend. It just can be made not for your hand. So always test a mouse before buying it.
And headphones. Depends on your needs, but you should try buds. Those are saving my life daily.

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Original Batch 1 i7-1185g7 owner who has upgraded to the Ryzen 7 7840U board upon release.
My current AMD configuration is a Ryzen 7 7840U, 48GB of DDR5 RAM, 4TB PCIe Gen 3 NVMe, two USB-C cards, one USB-A card and an HDMI card.
For reference, I’ve only ever run openSUSE Tumbleweed and Fedora 38 onwards on this machine.

Here’s what I’ve been using since 2021:
Unicomp Buckling Spring Model M (built on the same hardware as IBM Model M): This makes typing an absolutely wonderful adventure for the fingers.
LG Ultragear 32" monitor: Has worked flawlessly at 144hz, don’t really need it to go any higher for the hardware in the FW13 AMD. Was very appreciative of it when I broke my screen and had to work with support on getting a replacement.
HyperX Cloud II Wireless: As I’ve worked in Linux support for a few years now, and know the woes of Bluetooth occasionally not working, I opted for this nub-based 2.4Ghz wireless headset and have had zero issues with it. I’ve been using the all-black version of this since 2019, actually.
Logitech Anywhere 2S: I use this between the Framework and the Chromebooks I coreboot, works great and runs very smooth.
OWC USB-C Travel Dock E: I’ve found that buying USB-C hubs from name brands and not the random garbled-letter brands one can find on Amazon results in a far higher quality experience. I use this for power and Ethernet in one of the USB-C cards at my desk, and for better connections when traveling.
Metal Laptop Stand: A metalworker friend made me one that looks exactly like this, but I recommend doing your research and looking for reputable sellers of these online, as some are prone to breaking within a month.
System76 Timbuk2 backpack: I’ve been using this since I worked for them for two years starting in 2021, am waiting for Framework to come out with branded accessories so I can rep their brand instead.
StarTech USB-C 3.1 to SATA adapter: I’ve been using this to more easily clear drives on the older Thinkpads I’ve been corebooting, as I prep them for sale. Worked well for rescuing a friend’s Debian install as well on an older Oryx.

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$15 Lolnovo waterproof laptop shoulder bag with a “Finpac” hard sleeve from Amazon.

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Pretty much all seems like what I already have.

Running FW13 AMD 7040, 32 GB RAM, Win 11

Finisk USB C dongle. (discontinued, I guess?- it’s worked good enough for 5 years)
Status Between 3 ANC Just started using them, but so far I like them a lot. Very neutral sound to start
Insta360 Link To be fair, the built-in cam is not bad. But I am getting into IT and the rotation will be nice for the exams and the quality/tracking should be helpful down the road. And i hope to do some tech related youtube down the road, this might help me get started lol
Basilisk Hyper X really, I’m using this because I had it lying around. Id normally use the Razer Orochi but I loaned that one out to my mom
Using the framework charger. I have the charger from my razer 13", but it’s generally not a good idea to mix chargers and FWs is so small and light, it makes more sense.
Razer 13" laptop sleeve a shame they don’t make this for 13s anymore. It’s lasted me multiple laptops, very light, can act as a make-shift cooling pad and has a built-in mouse pad. I love the velcro they used too
Solo carry case I don’t hate it, it’s actually kind of nice. But I don’t know, I like something more purpose built with more compartments/organization in a similar formfactor. But, I had it lying around and it works well for now
I also carry a couple generic cleaning kits for phones, usb ports, keyboards, screens, etc and a super basic driver kit. I would like to get an iFixit kit but… the price

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