What are the actual differences between the three CPU coolers?

There are 3 options here: 11th gen, 12th gen, and Chromebook. Is this some technicality that they must be individually listed, or are they actually physically different? If different, what are those differences?

No difference, at least between 11th and 12th gen and unlikely for the chromebook, probably just making it obvious for those who might be seeking parts that the listing is compatible with their framework laptop.

Maybe the thickness of the thermal pads? (for the VRMs?)

But then they seem to have the same SKU…so that sure is a bit puzzling.

Perhaps there are thickness differences between the 11th and 12th gen, but the Chromebook edition uses a 12th gen and I would hope none of the Chromebookifying changes would need to affect the VRMs and CPU…

Wouldn’t having the same SKU suggest that they are the same product? Just different listings so that when people search, they are sure they are buying the correct part.


Interesting, last time I checked the cooling power was different.
I’m not sure (because there were a few weekends in between), but I think there was one to cool 28W and one for 32 or 35W. But for sure I know there was a stronger one.

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Considering the heatsink is probably identical. The rated TDP could be a function of fan curve too.

Then it’s a marketplace / website inconsistency. e.g. why aren’t the screen replacement listed in the same manner. Or is the same SKU a matter of the fans’ descriptions not properly updated?

Either way, something isn’t adding up, consistently.

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What are you referring to as the SKU? Is it like “FRANBH0001”? All three of them have different ones there (FRANFV0001 and FRANGRCC01)

I remember there being distinct descriptions too, but not that any of them said 32 or 35W. It was just the 11th gen cooler being 28W while the 12th gen cooler said 30W. Still not convinced theres an actual difference with the cooler though.

But then that’d be controlled by the mainboard/BIOS and doesn’t justify the coolers having different listings.

Also weird is why the Chromebook has to have a different antenna… Framework | Framework Laptop Antenna Module

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Under Additional Information:


The 11th gen and 12th gen heatsinks have different layouts for the pre-applied thermal pads (not just different thicknesses). I suspect this is the only difference. I have swapped heatsinks between 11th and 12th gen mainboards with no performance or temperature differences.


You can be right, I’m not sure about the numbers, but I know they were different.