What is the keyboard layout?

I can’t seem to be able to find the exact layout of the keyboard (the one that comes standard with the laptop) in order to configure my OS. I tried most English (US) layouts but they never match exactly.

What exactly are you looking for, and what doesn’t match in your OS configuration?

I can give you stuff like the key matrix layout and which key positions map to which scancodes, but I don’t necessarily think either of those things will help you.

FWIW: I’ve been using the standard “US 104-key” keyboard layout on each OS I’ve installed, and I haven’t noticed anything wrong with it.

Thanks for the help! So it seems like US 104-key is the correct one to use on the layout that comes by default with the laptop. I thought I had the layout wrong, but the problem was that I didn’t quite understand the fn lock correctly.

For anyone reading, if pressing fn+F1, fn+F2,… doesn’t work, try pressing fn+ESC, that will toggle the fn lock and allow you to use fn+F# keys.