What voltage is required to charge the Framework Laptop?

I’m curious if a battery pack that can output 5v at up to 6A would be able to charge the laptop? I mean I don’t think it would be able to charge the device WHILE it is on and being used, but while it is in standby or powered off?

Or does it need to be a voltage that is customary for laptops? (15-20V)

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If it supports usb-pd it should be fine.

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I can’t say for certain without one to try with, but my gut reaction is that it won’t have high enough voltage. It doesn’t sound like you have a USB-C PD charger, but it would have to be someone more familiar than me to give you an answer for sure.

Yeah, I was wondering if a 5v source could trickle charge the battery.

I searched for an answer,

Try this response and the thread it’s in


The laptop will trickle charge off a 5V source. but I would not recommend using it as a way to power the laptop when in use. We chose a buck-boost charger which can charge on any input voltage from 5V-20V. You never know when you might need it in a pinch.