Will a productized version of the passified USB-A Card be available?

I got an AMD Laptop 13 without any USB-A cards and was wondering if there have been any updates on the following comment from @npr?

We are investigating some hardware solutions for it, including a productizable version of essentially what this community member did: Passifying the USB-A Card

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I can just use an adapther for the time being, because, I’d mucher rather get a card already fixed rather than try it myself or restrict the slots I must use.

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Should not be needed

If any issues have popped back up, looks like they should be fixable in firmware.

Oh, I failed to read your link to this post

I guess they might need a hardware fix. If it is needed, I’m sure they’ll create one, they are just entirely focused on the getting the fw16 launched asap.

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This apears to be for the Intel versions if i’m not mistaken.
So I believe the AMD Laptops are still effected.

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