Will an Apple 61w MacBook Pro usb-c work with a framework laptop

I’m trying to decide if it’s worth purchasing one of frameworks chargers, or can I just use my usb - c 61w apple MacBook Pro charger?

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I’m trying to decide if it’s worth purchasing one of frameworks chargers, or can I just use my usb - c 61w apple MacBook Pro charger?

A 61W charger can charge a 13 inch Framework just fine.

Probably fine, but…

Only possible problem I see is that it is Apple.
I think it is a PD2.0 compatible device, although obviously Apple’s site wouldn’t mention that.
I can’t find the 61W version anymore (probably obsolete?), but the new 70W version only mentions Apple devices, no Power Delivery specs.
According to this site though, although I don’t exactly know how trustworthy the site is, it has the following output voltages/currents: 20.3 V/3A, 15V/3A, 9V/3A, 5.2V/3A.
You can double check that on your charger though: it is mandatory to have them listed on the charger itself.

Why they mention 5.2V and 20.3V instead of 5 and 20V like every other manufacturer: I don’t know.

But I can assume.

Well, maybe 1 clue, but that’s just an assumption: it is Apple, so maybe they did that on purpose. Allowing Apple devices to charge with 61W, but other brands - that typically expect 20V/3A - to charge with lower speeds, because people should’ve just bought Apple.
But that’s just what I could expect Apple to do, and yes, that is also definitely coloured by my opinion on Apple. :slight_smile:

What it could implicate, is that the Apple charger can’t charge with 20V exactly and will therefore negotiate a lower voltage since 20.3V is too much for the FW. That will result in a lower charging power. For example 15V/3A for 45W.

Depending on the load, 45W will still charge the FW. It will also definitely not break anything, is just slower.

Personally, I’d just try it out as soon as you have your laptop.
If it doesn’t charge with 60W, you can always buy the FW charger (or any other USB-C PD-compatible charger supporting at least 20V/3A).

It will charge at 20V/3A/60W PD rates, Apple is just being precise with their measurements. 20.3V is likely within the range for 20V- your charger is never going to be exactly at 20.0, mine often charges at 19.7.

I have used a 30 watt MacBook Air charger with my 11th Gen batch 1 frame.work

Does it charge on all ports? I have the 35W Macbook Air charger, and it charges on all ports except the back-right one (closest to the power button). I’d be curious to see what yours does.

I mostly use the rear ports. The more forward ports have a 1 tb expansion card for storage and a 250 gb card with Ubuntu as dual boot.

No issues with the rear ports for me.

I’ve been using all sorts of chargers, even charging now with some 45W that happened to be around. All work fine.

Chargers under around 60W (like 45W I’m using RN) under heavy load will not be able to keep up. When compiling code and making the laptop sweat the battery indicator shows its depleting, until the load goes lower.

I am using my 61W Apple Macbook Pro charger for over a year now, whenever im traveling, works perfectly fine