Will the AMD version have the AMD Platform Security Platform?

As the title states, will the possible AMD variant ship out with AMD’s Intel Management Engine equivalent, AMD Platform Security Processor (AMD PSP) and will there be any possibility to disable it?

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So far there has been no official comment on an AMD board. They have said they are open to other boards, CPU’s etc. but if an AMD board ever does ship disabling any part of the CPU will be a decision that AMD will have to allow or not. It isn’t something Framework would have control over unless AMD decides to allow it.

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Ideally they’ll work with Project X in order to get something like coreboot working on AMD (which, Project X has a good chance of actually accomplishing). Would be great if AMD’s security features could still be used - depends on how much support they get from AMD to figure them out. SEV & SME are still great features, but I agree that making AMD root-of-trust basically ruins their utility (unless we want to violate security 101 “no security through obscurity”). Getting Project X and frame.work collaborating should be a top priority for whomever wants a corebooted frame.work laptop running AMD CPUs.

Most of the AMD mobile CPUs support ECC too, so that would be easy to support if they qualified a motherboard that supports it.

Don’t forget that Ryzen 6000 (the first Ryzen chip with integrated USB4) also integrates the Microsoft Pluton Security Processor:

The Linux crowd over at Phoronix was… not exactly thrilled to put it lightly.

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Some real nut jobs in that thread :grimacing:

Time for RISC-V to come up with more than a hobbyist CPU design and create a real viable alternative

I’d buy it knowing that much software I use would be incompatible

MS made a deal with AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm to get Pluton in their CPUs. So we’ll probably see Pluton in Intel chips starting with Raptor Lake.

Remember that Billy G is in cahoots with the WEF and the goal is for you to own nothing and be happy. If you resist, they’ll Great Reset your computer through Pluton.

Framework is ideologically pro-ownership so they would do well to oppose such shenanigans.

Nut jobs who know what’s up. :wink:

SiFive still holds a monopoly on RISC-V IP cores and probably within 5 years would be acquired by either Intel or AMD. If this happens you can expect Pluton in RISC-V chips as well.

One could hope for Libre-SOC to save the day, but remember that SoC designs alone are worthless; they have to be manufactured in fabs in the real world. And such fabs could be subject to a Great Reset if they misbehave…

In any case, if you are still interested in a usable RISC-V machine, consider the StarFive VisionFive. Fedora can run on it.

@NM64 and AMD 6000 also comes with my favourite RDNA Apu.